Andrew Weiss and Friends Release Lighthearted Alt-Country Hit

Andrew Weiss talks about being inspired by The Beatles for new song.  

 “When I first started writing songs at 7 years old, I discovered country and western music second hand from The Beatles, and I would make up my own songs using what I thought then were funny, cliché lyrics. I realize now that those lyrics were not “funny,” they were in fact “the truth,” and sometimes it takes just more years of living to understand that.” – Andrew Weiss and Friends

Andrew Weiss and Friends is an alt-country artist with a new song “This Might Hurt A Little.” The song lyrics showcases the trials and tribulations of romantic relationships. He sings: “This might hurt a little but I want you a little more than you want me.”  Haven’t we all been there before? The universal subject matter of the lyrics allow for anyone to let this song into their hearts.


“This Might Hurt A Little” came to be by accident. At the time of writing this song, I had been listening to some early Beatles records with those great Carl Perkins covers. After hitting a road block while writing another song, I started playing some chords, and after a few minutes I had this whole new song finished. Lyrically, I was writing about a couple on a road trip who discover that their relationship is one-sided. It doesn’t only apply to a romantic relationship; it could also apply to a friendship. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, “is it worth staying friends with someone who doesn’t care about the friendship as much as I do?” It can be a demoralizing feeling, but making the right decision will always cause a person to experience positive growth.

andrew-weiss-and-friends-2-by-ellen-weiss-1578677371312The Americana-spirit of the song shines. The instrumentation comes across as authentic and well-mixed. The pacing and beat make for a great road trip song and that feeling actually came to our mind before hearing the artists vision and inspiration for the crafting of this spectacular song. Although the lyrics of the song may be grave, the song has an upbeat feel to it and sets a positive tone, bringing the peaceful feeling of rolling along a country road in a pickup truck. It feels like the artist is in a place of acceptance while delivering the vocal which definitely makes the song have an even better feel.

“This Might Hurt A Little” is off of Andrew Weiss and Friends’ upcoming record The Golden Age of Love & Chemistry is set to release March 27th, 2020. Hear the single on Spotify now:

Find out more about Andrew Weiss and Friends: 

We recommend checking out Andrew’s 2018 record as well titled “the Honeymoon Suite.”

Written by Ryan Cassata 

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