Norman Collins Brings Blues Riffs on New Song

Norman Collins channels rock n’ roll.

Rock N’ Roll truly is a genre that will never die. We have discovered an artist that have proved that! Norman Collins channels rock n’ roll with flavors tasting similar to The Band, Grateful Dead, The Doors, and even Led Zeppelin. “What The Cat Dragged In” contains bluesy riffs and a unique sounding vocal melody that caught our attention the first time that we heard it. The song contains simple moments where just the guitar riff plays with no other instrumentation. The breaks in the music add more excitement to the track when the band kicks back in. “What The Cat Dragged In” also contains a great bluesy electric guitar solo that is quite irresistible. Get grooving…Listen to Norman Collins!

Enjoy the song on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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