An Inside Look At “Lyme Warrior” with Sarah Zahran

I was fortunate enough to interview Sarah Zahran, a volunteer and advocate for Lyme Warrior. Lyme Warrior is a group of caring and dedicated people who have been diagnosed with and are fighting Lyme disease both internally and globally. Lyme Warrior is focused on bringing people together to raise money and fight for a cure.

Lyme Warrior was started by Lauren Lovejoy after countless misdiagnoses, unanswered questions, and failed treatments. Her goal was to provide a platform where people struggling with this silent killer could come together for support and answers. Today, Lyme Warrior continues to fight for a cure and specializes in organizing programs and fundraisers to raise money and awareness for Lyme disease across the country. Lyme Warrior, Sarah Zahran, is currently partaking in their “Ink To End Lyme” initiative.

Listen to our interview below to learn more about how getting a tattoo could help save a life!

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Written by Wes Spaulding

Author: wes_spaulding

Biomedical engineer and Musician. Contributor at Rock the Pigeon Blog.

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