Joshua Hyslop releases melodic and meaningful song “Ash and Stone”

Joshua Hyslop recently released a truly impressive and rhythmic song “Ash and Stone” off his latest EP Embers.

“Ash and Stone” is filled with beautiful and distinct guitar melodies that capture your imagination. The chord progression is warm and flows effortlessly throughout the entire song. The vocal melody is tuneful and rich, engaging the listener with the lyrics. Hyslop carries the melody seamlessly and smoothly. The entire song seems to melt together all while allowing the listener to distinctly hear the different components. “Ash and Stone” is expressive, inspiring, and definitely going to be played on repeat!

Listen below on Soundcloud:

Hyslop speaks of his inspiration for “Ash and Stone”, “I do a lot of solo touring and, for someone who can feel pretty low sometimes, that can be hard to do. I started working on this song on tour when I’d start to feel down or worried or anxious, as a way of writing myself some hope. It’s my own way of telling myself to hang in there and to keep moving forward.

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Written by Hunter Lake

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