Bucky Krück and The Railroadstreetboys Blues Up a Nearly 100-Year Old Classic “Trouble in Mind”


Bucky Krück and The Railroadstreetboys, a 3-piece blues outfit, have added a great bluesy twist to the classic song “Trouble in Mind.” The song, written by Richard M. Jones was first released nearly 100 years ago with Thelma La Vizzo singing and Jones on the piano in 1924. It has since been covered many times but we have never heard a cover quite like this before! Bucky Krück and The Railroadstreetboys have added a more modern spin on the song and truly have made it their own. The vocal delivery comes across as melancholy and soulful. The guitar performance contains perfectly-performed bluesy riffs that seep into the listeners soul and takeover. It’s impossible to not appreciate the guitar performance. The drums are laid back and never overstep the rest of the band, the bass grooves along well. Nothing seems out of place or in error. Perfect performance! Bucky Krück and The Railroadstreetboys, from Germany, have a good chemistry together and that truly comes across in their performance on this great cover version of “Trouble In Mind.” We thank them for their soulfulness and for keeping this retro song alive and well! 

The song is out on a 2-song single, released on January 21st, 2020. The song “Cat Cat Til I Die” is also bluesy but contains a little more of a modern feel, feeling like the early ages of rock n’ roll. Listen to both songs on Spotify now. If you are a fan of classics, the blues, or incredible guitar riffs, you will become a fan!

2 Song Rating: 10/10 

“Trouble in mind, I’m blue
But I won’t be blue always
‘Cause I know the sun’s gonna shine in my back door someday”

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Written by Rock the Pigeon Staff 

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