Jeff Crosby’s New Country Song is a Thank You to Those on the Frontlines

Jeff Crosby’s new song “Hold This Town Together” is the perfect thank you to everyone on the frontlines fighting for people’s lives during this global crisis. The song has an authentic feel to it’s instrumentation which brings a warm vibe through the speakers directly to the listeners ears. The lyrics are beautiful and meaningful and the chorus goes: “I know everything is changing / I know nothing lasts forever / God bless the folks that try so hard to hold this town together.” This song is an anthem for the current day. Hopefully it will help others to feel gratitude for all of the folks who are working day in and day out to save lives, deliver food, disinfect, clean, and more…

This great-sounding country song can be heard on Spotify now. We know that times are rough and we hope that this song brings a little bit of joy to your day! It definitely has the power to do so!

Written by Ryan C. 

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