Sequesterfest Hosts 12 Hour Live Stream to Raise Funds for Musicians during COVID-19

As shows and festivals are cancelled for the rest of April, and beginning to get cancelled into May, and even into the summer months, live streaming has become a popular stage for musicians and entertainers to share their talents with music fans in exchange for love, support, and even tips! The concerts are personal and entertaining. There’s a lot that musicians can do even just from their very own living rooms!

They are, from left to right,
MJ Ultra, David Phenicie, Amilia Spicer, Steve McCormick,
Tom Freund, Jeff Kossack, Billy Kent, and Don Teschner!

Sequesterfest is a 12 hour music festival that was started recently in Missoula, Montana. A different performer is featured on the hour, every hour. They play for tips and viewers have been very generous thus far.

Freelance musicians all over the world have taken a mighty blow in gig and festival cancellations due to COVID-19 and many are depending on these live stream shows for tips and online merchandise sales. Music still remains a must during these hard times, and fans are enjoying live stream concerts for the time being that touring is halted. The good news is…you can tune in from anywhere in the world!

Sequesterfest’s first event kicked off on March 28th, and was very successful. It saw over 13,000 viewers and raised thousands of dollars in tips for their very talented lineup of professional musicians.


Their next livestream festival will take place on April 11th, from noon to midnight, dubbed “Sequesterfest West” as it features Los Angeles based musicians. Some of the acts performing in the 12 hour span are MJ Ultra, Steve McCormick, Amilia K Spicer and Don Teschner from the Rod Stewart Band. All musicians perform on the livestream from the comfort and in the safety of their own home. Livestreaming is really bringing a new meaning into living room shows, right?

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Written by Ryan C.

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