Grace Davies Releases “Addicted To Blue” off her latest EP ‘Friends With The Tragic’

Grace Davies is ambitious to say the least. From releasing her debut album at the age of 18, to being recognized by BBC Radio, she has come a long way. Profound and reflective, “Addicted To Blue” is the latest single off of her ‘Friends With The Tragic’ EP.

“Addicted To Blue” begins with soft and soothing vocals. As the melody picks up Grace’s vocals gain momentum. The melody is tuneful, catchy, and blends beautifully with her talented range. The lyrics give insight to getting complacent to your own woes. “I love you the most when you make me cry,” sings Grace, eloquently putting into words the mixed feelings about her situation.

The song talks about the appreciation of a long distance relationship. My boyfriend at the time lived 3 hours away, which is far enough not to see each other often, so I wanted to touch on how amazing it is that someone can give you a reason to be sad when they leave – if that makes sense. The lyrics are so contradictory throughout – like, I’m happy when we’re together, but I also like not having you there all the time, getting on my tits! A happy medium.” -Grace Davies

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Written by Hunter Lake

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