Michelle Mandico Out with Powerful Song “Ptarmigan”

Michelle Mandico raises awareness about mental health struggles in her new song. 

Mental Health struggles and battles are too frequently ignored in today’s world. It’s rare that artists speak openly about their own mental health journeys.


Luckily, Michelle Mandico delivers her message about mental health in a brilliant and soothing way on her new song and music video titled “Ptarmigan.” This makes her message easy to convey and helps raise mental health awareness to those who may not hear the message in any other way. Music is the perfect way to communicate these incredibly deep and brave topics.

The song features a smooth vocal; which resonaates with reverb, perfectly but naturally sung in key. The instrumentation choices fit the mood of the song and music video very well. Strings add to the emotional pull of the song and flow well with the acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is the perfect reflection of the scenery and compliments Michelle Mandico’s voice well.

The music video features stunning footage of the singer-songwriter skiing down the mountain side and also singing surrounded by trees.

View the stunning new music video now:

Find out more: www.michellemandico.com

Michelle Mandico is also featured on this new playlist that RTP staff has created:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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