Experience “Indigo Blue” by Sean Christopher to Immediately Feel Better

“Indigo Blue” is less of a song and more of an unbinding, meditative experience.

Sean Christopher recently released “Indigo Blue” off his upcoming second album Wander, set to be released May 29th. Having a background composing and producing music, Sean knows how to make pieces sound brilliant. “Indigo Blue” is compiled of deeply melodic guitar picking and soothing vocals. The vocals are dreamy and flow beautifully with the instruments, inflecting within each bar of the verses. The lyrics are meaningful and full of yearning. Sean has a way of keeping the vocals calm yet extremely powerful. The melody sticks in your mind as a meditative and perfectly balanced tune. In this time of uncertainty “Indigo Blue” definitely frees the mind of any worry.

Speaking of “Indigo Blue”, Sean explains, “Today nobody knows what the future holds.Indigo Blue’ will be released in these uncertain times. A song about love and how love can transcend everything. When I actively started to meditate, I read about Indigo; the colour of wisdom, intuition, perception and creativity. Virtues that will show us the way.”

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Written by Hunter Lake

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