Shock Radar Debuts Hard Rock Anthem to Tease Upcoming LP


New York City-based rock band Shock Radar is out with a new single as fans wait for their full record to drop.The song, “But You Will (feel better tomorrow)” is a hard rock and blues inspired track with deep bass riffs and anthemic vocals. The heavy riff flows through the verses but takes a break for the chorus section. The chorus transitions into a softer vibe with a catchy hook melody that is very memorable. The transitions between sections are smooth and make the song flow perfectly while remaining very interesting. My personal favorite part of this song is the wailing guitar solo towards the end of the track. Not only is the performance impeccable but the guitar tone stands out on the track and adds a soulful feelings to the track as a whole.

Shock Radar is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Lee J Diamond who dives into several different genres and frequently switches up styles of songs. Shock Radar’s upcoming LP “Observations” will have an eclectic mix of songs ranging from lo-fi indie rock to grunge and punk influences. The song “More or less the same” is an acoustic ballad that has a very different feel than “But You Will (feel better tomorrow)”. That being said, Shock Radar has a little bit of something for music fans of all different genres.

Pre-order and preview on BandCamp:

Observations by Shock Radar

For Fans Of: Velvet Revolver,  Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Black Sabbath

For more info about Shock Radar, click here.

Written by Ryan C. 

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