Electro-Pop Song “Working Out In My Apartment” by Frith is Will Instantly Bring a Smile To Your Face

Ironically it’s about almost losing your mind during quarantine, but “Working Out In My Apartment” is a really fun and motivating song.

Most of us have been self-isolating for the past few weeks, giving us the chore of learning how to deal with ourselves alone, without much distraction. Whether it’s muting our thoughts with Netflix, incessantly surfing the internet, or finding new hobbies, we’ve grown to deal with our time in isolation.

I have been working out and attempting new yoga techniques with my extra time. Thus the reason “Working Our In My Apartment” hits home with me. Not only does it describe my daily routine, but it is also a catchy upbeat track that makes me feel really good. It actually makes me laugh (okay maybe I’m also going a little crazy). I feel motivated and somehow not alone while listening. “Working Out In My Apartment” reminds me that there’s thousands of other people just like me doing the exact same thing, and even though we’re not in the same space, we are undoubtedly connected.

The lyrics are simple and relatable, supported by an intricate background melody. “Baby, it’s been so long since I have seen you,” most people can relate to this right now. Whether it’s a loved one, family, or friends and coworkers, we’re all missing at least someone right now. No doubt the past few weeks in self quarantine have reminded me how much I actually love being at work, surrounded by coworkers.

“I’m working out in my apartment,… I’m losing my sanity, trying to pass all the time,” the vocals are effected in parts of the song, giving it character and appeal. While the lyrics portray more of love and devotion type of song, anyone can relate. The melody is instantly catchy and the energy is uplifting and motivational; it gives us something to share and connect with. I have been smiling, ear to ear, listening to “Working Out In My Apartment” on repeat for the past few days.

I made this song in my apartment after 2 weeks of self isolation. After working out and dancing all over my living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, I was losing my freaking mind and needed an outlet. I started by teaming up with the Los Angeles concert pop-up Treehouse LA to help fill the hashtag #quarantineconcert with videos of all the artists whose concerts had been canceled due to coronavirus. We wanted to both give a creative outlet to artists, and also bring some joy and music to people locked indoors around the world. When we started out there were 30 incredibly inspiring videos of Italians singing from their balconies. We shared these with artists we knew, and now it’s grown to over 3,500 videos from all over the world. I’ve personally found this time weirdly creative, and even though I haven’t seen anyone in weeks, the world has never felt closer to me. I hope people workout, dance and laugh to this song and it helps them get through this crazy time we are living in. I can’t wait to hug people again. – Travis Frith Warner

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Written by Hunter Lake

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