Carey Clayton Mesmerizes With Latest Single “Rice and Tangerines”

“Rice and Tangerines” is a soothing alternative-rock song, with relatable and well-articulated lyrics. In these times of forced isolation, this song deeply resonates.

“Rice and Tangerines” by Carey Clayton is an immersive and inexplicably hypnotizing song. The intro of “Rice and Tangerines” is comprised of guitars and backing harmonized vocals. The song starts off with nirvana-esque verses, “Hold myself in quarantine, living on rice and tangerines.” The energy takes over as the melody fills the room. The lyrics are somewhat desolate, depicting our currant situation, yet the encompassing melody overpowers the grim vibes.

“Up on a hill I hide, till the day when it all subsides,” the chorus may seem slightly dismal but the layered vocals and encompassing sound overpower that. “Rice and Tangerines” feels quite soothing and pacifying. With the creative instrumentals and atmospheric melody, this captivating song is an instant favorite.

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Written by Hunter Lake

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