Synth-pop Band Urban Heat Releases Powerful Single “That Gun in Your Hand”

Inspired by tragic events and turmoil, Urban Heat creates “That Gun in Your Hand” following multiple school shootings.

“That Gun in Your Hand” is the second single of up-and-coming band Urban Heat.

“There were all those school shootings back to back and I couldn’t help but think that if someone had known and could talk to one of these kids beforehand that maybe we’d be able to talk them down. The line ‘don’t shy away from your love’ refers to this idea that we all have good and evil both in us, and we can’t shy away from that good inside.” -Jonathan Horstmann, Urban Heat

“That Gun in Your Hand” has an atmospheric quality from the start. The intro begins with an alarm sound, creatively well-put, that leads into the song. The vocals come in strong and full of conviction. The tone feels authoritative, as if the vocalist is actually speaking to the young astray kid right then and there. “Hey there son, you wanna be a man…,” the lyrics begin, supported by strong synth instrumentals. There is a catchy electric guitar riff between each verse. The lyrics are original and well-intended, possibly providing insight to someone who needs to hear these words. Overall, the melody is well-shaped and memorable. Urban Heat created a meaningful and moving piece with “That Gun in Your Hand.”

Watch the live performance video of “That Gun in Your Hand” below:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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