Reed Gaines Releases Debut EP: Karma

Reed Gaines and Sabel are out with an emotional indie pop song called “Karma.” 


Soft vocals and simple production keep the song feeling raw and authentic all the way through. The lyrics beg to be listened to and they go deep diving into lost love, loneliness and hope. Sabel’s vocal sits nicely on top of the track, and each lyric is perfectly heard, even the magical moments where Sabel goes into her head voice. The voice combines elements of radio pop and indie rock.

Reed Gaines is based in Nashville, Tennessee. “Karma” is a song off of his debut EP which was released on March 26th, 2020. It can be heard on Spotify now:

For Fans Of: Halsey, Julia Michaels, Troy Sivan, NeverShoutNever, John-Allison Weiss 

Rating: 8/10: the song is well-produced, features a well-sung & catchy vocal that stays interesting throughout the track, the song is only 2 minutes and 5 seconds in length and could have explored more if it were a minute or so longer.

More ways to find Reed Gaines:

Instagram: reedoburrito11
Twitter: reedoburrito11
soundcloud: reedoburrito11

Written by Ryan C. 

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