Heavy Synths & Catchy Hooks Make Girl Wilde’s New Track Shine

Girl Wilde is back with another amazing song called “Big Fuckup Energy.” 


The song is a radio-ready pop song with heavy synth lines and a strong vocal hook line. The pre-chorus is my personal favorite part of the song and feels the most catchy. to my ears. The chorus feels slightly repetitive but works well for pop radio fans and to be sung along to at live shows. The song is danceable and may provide some relief during these uncertain times. Girl Wilde says “I feel like it’s a really strange time to put out music. I’m just hoping to give people something to dance their angst out to. Something to take their mind off things even just for a moment.” I think the song definitely brings listeners out of their heads and into the amazing synth lines, poppy production, and exciting vocals that Girl Wilde brings to the track! “Big Fuckup Energy” can be heard on Spotify now:

For Fans Of: Demi Lovato, Bülow, Miley Cyrus 

This song was released on March 27th, 2020.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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