Ellen Krauss Brings Delicate Vocals to “Silver Spoon”

Ellen Krauss from Sweden is out with a beautiful new song called “Silver Spoon.”

A delicate and soulful voice floats over a soft played acoustic guitar, catching the attention of the listener from the first lyric sung. The track picks up a little bit for the catchy chorus before settling down again for the verses. The lyrics beg for a relationship to not end even though the singer is aware that it just isn’t working out. The string section brings more emotion to the track and deeper meaning to the lyrics. Ellen Krauss is 19 years old, based in Sweden and is a self taught musician. She is inspired by artists such as Ed Sheeran, King Princess, Dire Straits and Bruce Springsteen and pulls influences from their works into her music writing and production.

Ellen says: “’Silver Spoon’ is about two people, very different from each other, who choose to hold on. They’re not the perfect match, but they feel it’s better to be unhappy together than alone. It’s love after all.”

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Written by Ry C. 

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