Long Island Musicians Band Together for “We Are The World 2020”

Long Island musicians from all different original and cover bands have come together for this touching rendition of We Are The World.

The Long Island Music Scene is the scene that I grew up in. From playing open mics to playing in dive bars, to coffeeshops, to the Crazy Donkey, and almost to The Paramount (the show was cancelled due to the lockdown), I have always loved the energy and spirit of Long Island’s live music scene. This scene that I grew up in is still flourishing and shining. Live music is a big part of Long Island’s culture. Usually seven days a week bands are heard sharing their talents. The 631 and 516 are filled with both cover acts and original acts from many different genres. 70 members from this rich music scene have come together to create a version of “We Are The World” that will move you to tears and give you some hope during this dark period. Watch it via YouTube:

YouTube Description: Over 70 members of the Long Island music scene have united to create “We Are The World 2020 – The Quarantine Mix, Long Island” to bring a little hope and healing to New York and to the world during this COVID-19 crisis that impacts us all. Everyone worked “virtually” from the safety of their own homes to record and video their individual parts either on their smart phones or on their home studio gear and then sent their parts to be edited into this final video.” 

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