Kris Kelly Explores the Seven Deadly Sins in Psychedelic Music Video

Kris Kelly has released cinematic sounding song and music video “More.” Premiered by the Huffington Post, the video explores the seven deadly sins. The lyrics touch upon giving into temporary escapes instead of diving into self-love and healing. The song has a dark vibe to it and comes across as enchanting both musically and lyrically. Kris Kelly says that the song and video are about “giving up on self-love and instead seeking temporary escape. Why bother with hard work when the modern world offers infinite ways to numb every discomfort from moment to moment?”


The vocal tone and delivery style fits into the folk realm and could even fit in with psychedelic and classic rock acts such as Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver Messenger Service. Musically the song stands out from most of what is released today and is a breath of fresh air for true music fans. Kris Kelly really goes into a deeper realm then most artists ever explore. The music video, directed by Kris Moyes, also explores psychedelic looks and shooting styles and is visually unique.

About the music video Kelly says: “It was a fascinating shoot because so much of the magic and images came spontaneously, when we’d have a wild idea for an action or visual shot.”

Check out the music video on YouTube now:

The lyrics go:

“Nail the good stuff into the palm of my hand
And I will bleed for you.
I’ve given up everything that might heal the wound
Cause the drugs numb so good.
It wasn’t always the case,
I used to dream about finding happiness.
But sucking off a god that gives a shallow relief,
I find it the easiest.”

“More” by Kris Kelly is from the LP “Runaways.”

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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