Meet 17 Year Old Singer-Songwriter: Josh Fudge

Meet Josh Fudge, the 17 year old singer-songwriter and high school senior based in Oklahoma City.  His latest track “Meet Me In Seattle” is his first acoustic release and definitely a song to hold on to. The vocals are well-sung and cut across as highly emotional and vulnerable. Josh Fudge writes in: This song serves as a love letter to someone who isn’t in my life anymore. It is talking about all the things we said we would do together, before it all fell apart. It is a song all about the nostalgia of lost love.The heartbreak can be heard in the music, vocal delivery, and lyrics. Overall the vibe of the music is quite calming, especially the finger picked acoustic guitar. Tune in the lyrics and you’ll feel the heart break of love lost and gone. Overall, Josh Fudge is out with a very impressive first acoustic release and we are looking forward to hearing more from this talented young star.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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