Mel Bryant & the Mercy Makers Bring it All With Angsty Song “Never Thought”

“Never Thought” is an upfront, hard-hitting, punk song.

Mel Bryant & the Mercy Makers is a Nashville based punk/alternative rock band. Inspired by legends such as Mitski and Green Day, Mel Bryant & the Mercy Makers create a loud punk sound with well-written lyrics and a great feminine energy.

Their latest song “Never Thought” is an upbeat confrontational banger expressing the emotions of a break-up and all the feelings attached to that. “Never Thought” starts off with emotional and honest lyrics sung with catchy vocals that pull you in. The lyrics go on to describe how Mel initially thought life would turn out but subsequently finds it completely different. “Never Thought” has a catchy melody and an attractive vocals style with raw and honest lyrics. Overall, the song has a distinctive quality and a vibe that stands out.\

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Written by Hunter Trinca

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