Felix Hatfield’s Song Digs Deep Into the Topic of “It Can Always Be Worse”

Felix Hartfield is out with a standout song called “Sick with the Flu.” Clever rhymes and metaphors keep the lyrics very interesting throughout the track. An acoustic guitar brings the folk-punk feel to the song, while a jazzy horn section brings more of a beatnik vibe. The vocals are delivered in a very laidback way, almost like the singer is showing how “sick” he is of the way his life looks but doesn’t care enough to actually want to change it. It seems that he keeps thinking that “things can always be much worse.” Most times, things can always be much worse but how far does one dig to get to the bottom? The song is catchy, not just in melody, but also in feeling as the lyrics are very humanizing and relatable.


“The song is about a deep connection thats been taken for granted, I wouldn’t recommend it. Also about putting the shoe on the other foot in general; someone always has it worse.” – Felix Hatfield

Sometimes life and love goes like that. If you love someone enough it’s really hard to walk away. It might even seem like an impossible task. Is the pain worth it? Are the moments of unhappiness worth it? What about the thought of a stronger, happier relationship or life? Yet, it’s easy to compare the hardships that humans suffer from, and get lost in “well, things can be much worse so I’ll just keep on going this way.” Things might not be completely right between you and the person you are together with, but are they hard enough that you want to change your life? Felix Hartfield dives deep into this topic on this unique track.

Enjoy the song on Spotify. It might just get you thinking too…

Written by Ryan Cassata

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