Pride Month Feature: Meet Non-Binary Singer-Songwriter Stephan Nance

Happy Pride Everyone! I want to take some time to introduce you all to a unique singer-songwriter and openly queer and non binary artist from Portland, Oregon: Stephan Nance! Stephan has toured the world including three tours in Japan!  They have recently released their first album in eight years titled: Look at the Harlequins! The album features many great piano-driven tracks including “Hope or Float.”

Photo by Sarah Neill (2019)

Vocals come in right away on Stephan Nance’s song “Hope or Float.” The lyrics are about codependency and come across as extremely authentic, open and raw. The strong vocal delivery feels like a unique fusion of jazz and musical theatre. Even if those genres aren’t your favorites, the music still reels you in and begs for your ear because of it’s stand out sound.

Listen to the record here on Spotify:

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Written by Ryan Cassata 

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