Introducing Coleton Rubin with New Music Video Shot in the Worlds Largest Model Collection

Coleton Rubin is a 20 year-old singer-songwriter living in Los Angeles. He has recently released his debut single called “haircuT.” The production is simplistic in a great way. There’s an acoustic guitar throughout the track and an extremely minimal beat during the chorus section. This gives space for Coleton’s vocals to breathe on top of the track and for the lyrics to be heard and appreciated fully. The tone of the guitar is very fitting for Coleton’s vocal delivery style on this song.


The hook is simple but extremely deep and catchy: “so you got a bad haircut, you need to grow up”. 

The music video was shot inside of the largest model collection in New Jersey giving the music video a very unique style and feel. Follow Coleton on his journey in this magical toy city and enjoy the music video on YouTube now:

Written by Ryan Cassata 

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