17-Year Old Lydia Briggs Shows Us How Strong She is As An Artist With Her Latest Single “Not My Mistake”

Lydia Briggs opens up with and emotional and heartfelt song “Not My Mistake.”

Lydia Briggs has a way of connecting with her fans, and undoubtedly increasing more, through her open and honest content. “Not My Mistake,” sixth single by Briggs, is about a past relationship that seemed to have taken a toll on the singer. The song starts off with a soft vocal tone and alluring lyrics describing the emotional toll Briggs has gone through. The chorus then shifts in tone and we hear an even bigger and more powerful vocal delivery. Briggs belts out her feelings about the tumultuous relationship. “Not My Mistake” is a moving and relatable single by 17-year old Briggs. This song has a break-out quality and a melody that can hook people in.

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Written by Hunter Lake

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