Steady Habits Release Debut EP, Showcasing Great Songwriting Abilities

Steady Habits are out with their debut EP: “Hold Your Breath.” This is their first release but not the first  time the band members have released music professionally. The songwriter, Sean Duggan is also part of the folk/Americana duo Loud Mountains which is a project with his brother Kevin Michael Duggan. His new band, Steady Habits, features members of other great Oxford-based acts such as The Dreaming Spires, Great Western Tears, The Greasy Slicks and Speed Buggy USA.
“Hold Your Breath” drew me to Steady Habits right away. The slide guitars on the title track will pull you in immediately. When the vocal hits, you surely won’t be able to turn it off. Soulful and alluring, the vocals float through the speakers into the air and hit hard. Vocal hooks are found not just in the chorus of this song but also throughout the verses, showcasing the true songwriting abilities of the bands sole songwriter, Sean Duggan. The lyrics are poetic and divedeep into recognizing and letting go old habits to embrace a relationship with open arms. The songwriter talks about changing things up, breaking this habits, doing it different this time. This Americana ballad is emotional in a relatable way that will have you begging to hear the rest of the EP. So…go give it a listen! 
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Official Artist Quote:
‘Starting as a love song I wrote a few years ago on the road with my previous band, ‘Hold In Your Breath’ became a hopeful, meditative ballad that chronicles some of the growth I’ve found from my past & present relationships. The song opens with a naivety that many people experience in their first love. As the song carries on, I begin reflecting on a deeper understanding of myself & the people I share my life with. I still have plenty to learn, but it felt really good to put some of these feelings to words. It’s always widely embraced at our shows and I look forward to sending it out into the world.’
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Written by Ryan Cassata 

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