Pride Month Feature: Bad Moves Release Strong Single Cape Henlopen

Rock the Pigeon is taking time this June to highlight LGBTQ artists from all over the world for Pride Month. The next act that we are PROUD to feature is an indie-rock band from the East Coast called Bad Moves.

Bad Moves are quickly gaining traction, finding themselves featured on several official Spotify playlists with their latest release Cape Henlopen, a 3-song single on Don Giovanni Records.


The title track is immediately captivating. The guitar riffs and grooving drums lift the mood and bring about feel good energy that will make listeners want to dance and swing. The vocals are low-key on the verses as the energy builds to explode into a massive chorus that is catchy. A true sing-along, this track will definitely get stuck in your head and boost serotonin levels.

The lyrics of the song go into breaking the gender binary to feel a sense of freedom. It’s not often that lyrics talk about gender in this way so it’s very refreshing, especially as a trans person, to hear this type of songwriting. It’s especially important because it brings visibility to the transgender and gender variant experience.

The song is about a moment of being your authentic self, free from gender stereotypes and roles, just being. This space doesn’t exist in many places in the world and quite often transgender and gender non conforming folks struggle to feel a sense of safety, even in their own homes. Bad Moves finds this place in nature which is portrayed in their unique and experimental music video that can be seen on YouTube. Cape Henlopen is a beautiful state park in Delaware that has several beaches and two lighthouses. We hope that this song can serve as a lighthouse in your journey and we hope that all of you find your Cape Henlopen.

“Can we see ourselves without seeing how we’re perceived by others? Identity is so personal, yet so often shaped by expectations and assumptions outside of our control. “Cape Henlopen” is about a moment of escape from those external forces: freedom from a gendered gaze, from a system that imposes binary ideals and demands certainty about who we are, leaving just a feeling of bliss on a deserted beach in Delaware.”Bad Moves

Bad Moves next LP Untenable, comes out on June 26th, 2020. They will be having a live-streamed album release party on Twitch featuring Adult Mom, Jeff Rosenstock and other acclaimed acts. Don’t miss it!


Be sure to listen to and save the 3-song EP on Spotify as well:

written by Ryan Cassata, singer-songwriter and transgender activist

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