Canadian Artist Jordan Paul Releases New Alt-Folk Song “Emerald Glass”

Jordan Paul is an artist already on the radar in Canada, receiving the title of “Canada’s Best New Indie Releases” for “Strange”, his first debut of 2020.

Award-winning artist, Jordan Paul has just debuted “Emerald Glass,” his second release of the year. This song starts off slow yet reigns us in with an intriguing build up. Jordan Paul’s voice has been described as “hypnotic and sure” by Brent Jensen, and rightfully so, his vocal style stands out with a smooth tone that he confidently boasts out.

Jordan Paul’s vocal quality and experience shine through is his latest single “Emerald Glass.” The lyrics are quite deep and moving. Describing some dark situations Jordan Paul seems to carry us through the song with his outstanding vocals. “Emerald Glass” quickly picks up and takes on a hopeful and endearing tone. “It keeps the wolves at bay, it’s the torch that lights the way,” he describes having a piece of emerald glass as a good luck token that keeps the bad things away.

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Written by Hunter Lake

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