Toronto’s Brick Moons Harmoniously Haunts Us with “Into The Night” from their New Album

Toronto’s Brick Moons Haunts Us Harmoniously with “Into The Night” from their New Album

A catchy bass groove, the clicks of drumsticks, and rhythmic breathing introduce this haunting rocker by Brick Moons of Toronto, Canada. The verses, with a tango of bright reverberating guitar and pleasingly ghostly vocals, beckon the listener towards the ominous chanting and increasing distortion of the bridge. The chorus harmoniously climaxes with a burst of solid drumming, forceful guitar work, and a spectral lyrical howl. The song spirits us away into the unknown darkness of the night itself as the entire track oozes with unmistakably seductive and foreboding energy.  This is one supernatural entity that is absolutely worth encountering over and over again, day or night.

“Into The Night” is off of Brick Moons latest album, Petty Crime & Addiction, which came out today, July 24th, 2020. 

Written by Vincent Cassata 

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