The Universal Shift is NOW by Ryan Cassata [Poem & Artwork]

The universal shift is NOW. by Ryan Cassata
Dedicated to my friend Nehru.

The universal shift is NOW.
An uprising.
A revolution.
A perspective change.
A time of enlightenment.
This unexpected, ongoing, period of isolation furthers human connection.
Strangers become friends.
Through glaring computer screens and phone calls that go late into the night,
Those we’d never would have found if it weren’t for the internet,
Join our circles,
Join our lives.
Enhancing togetherness,
Building community.
Providing a sense of hope that we will hug and high give when the world reopens.
We bond.
Over this shared human experience that the whole world goes through at once.
We bond.
We lift each other up.
We encourage each other to keep going.

Isolation and lockdown creates a transformation of consciousness.
Pain brings change.
Pain brings growth.
We all are granted with the opportunity to grow now.
Through this pain we bond.
Through this pain we build gratitude.

When we are all reunited in the flesh,
We will feel a sense of gratitude more gigantic than we’ve ever felt.

The universal shift is NOW.
Notice it.
Embrace it.
Send it love.
Let yourself grow in gratitude,
And hold on to hope for the future that is more mentally free than pre-pandemic life.


I painted this last night after my friend Kelly told me that feelings have a birth, a life, and a death. This too shall pass. Keep on going. Keep on loving. Keep on keeping on, everyone. Stay true, stay you, and stay safe. <3 More to come…

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