John Famos Releases “Victoria,” a Modern-Day Alternative Break-Up Song

Based in Toronto, John Famos is a duo band made up of lifelong friends, Travis McKenna and Robbie Davidson aka James Famos and Bobby John.

The duo went through years of schooling and professional careers when they realized they wanted to follow their true passion and make music together. Now John Famos follows a path they’re meant to be on and spends their time loving life and being creative. “Victoria” is the debut single by John Famos. Originally this song was written about their love of UK rock stars until they learned if fit pretty well with a friend going through a break-up. They changed up a few lyrics and created the alt-rock “Victoria” we have now. Staying true to their outlook on life, “Victoria” has a freeing and wild vibe.

Listen to “Victoria” below:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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