“PLAYLOUD” by Moncrieff is an Upbeat Poppy Song That Brings Out The Truth of What’s Going On in The World

Moncrieff releases “PLAYLOUD,” his first single off his new EP the kids are alright.

“PLAYLOUD” is probably one of the most authentic and real songs out there. If you’re looking for a song that spits the truth, look no further. “PLAYLOUD” begins with some hard truths and continues on with more honesty. Right off the bat the lyrics start with “We’re all living in a simulation, taking pills for over-stimulation.” If that doesn’t hit home and make you think, I don’t know what will. The upfront lyrics have a punk-like attitude. The chorus has a catchy melody and fun lyrics to sing along to, “the kids are high and they’re never coming down.” Throughout “PLAYLOUD” we’re reminded to live our own truths and not fall prey to the lies being spread around in the world.

Speaking about the song, Moncrieff says: “PLAYLOUD was written as a reaction to a world that seems to be getting more messed up each day. It was written as a call to arms to young people and any one who feels frustrated and alienated by the world they live in. A world where greed, consumption and the desire to make money trumps over all. With Global leaders not doing enough to tackle (and some outright denying) the threats of climate change, and the growing gap between the rich and the poor. Since it was written in January we’ve seen how the world’s two biggest leaders fumble through a world pandemic, with countless thousands of lives needlessly lost as well as the continued systemic racism and police brutality inflicted upon the black community in the states and the UK”.

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Written by Hunter Lake

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