Tempesst Soothes Souls and Blows Minds With Their New Music Video for “Mushroom Cloud”

Tempesst is a 5 piece Indie rock, brit-band from London, England. They are best known for their adventurous songwriting and psychedelic, “swirly rock” sound. Their latest release, “Mushroom Cloud” and accompanying video are a treat for the eyes and ears.

“Mushroom Cloud” is reminiscent of a style often used by Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys. The melody is very laid-back and meandering. It makes me think of floating. Singer, Toma Benjamin, delivers hauntingly beautiful vocals with his rich voice and tone that saturate the song with deep emotion. It’s very engaging.

(The surprise saxophone solo was a nice touch.)

The track is skillfully mixed in a way that makes it sound full without sounding crowded. This is one of those songs that piqued my interest in the band as a whole and made me want to go check out some of their other music.

The thoughtfulness and attention to detail doesn’t just stop at the songwriting and producing, the music video adds another layer of beautiful storytelling. One thing that really caught my eye about the music video was the use of camera movement to tell a complex story on a relatively simplistic set. The playful manipulation of camera angles and lighting syncs their movements to the fluidity of the song. You’re going to want to add this track to any chill/relaxing playlists you’re putting together.

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Written by Wes Spaulding

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