Spotify Sensation BabyJake is on The Rise With a Steadily Increasing Fan Base

BabyJake just released his debut EP Don’t give me problems, give me wine, featuring latest single “Head In The Clouds.”

If you haven’t heard of BabyJake yet, get ready, this singer/songwriter is breaking out and quickly making a name for himself all over social media.

Jake Herring aka BabyJake started playing guitar at a young age. With the help from his father, he learned to play “Smoke on the Water” and from there took to Youtube to learn more on guitar. Although the guitar was by his side, as time went on athletic Herring focused more on sports, seemingly only playing music when feeling down as a way to cope. Partway through college Herring decided to solely pursue music.

Don’t give me problems, give me wine EP is full of highly anticipated songs, including “Head In The Clouds.” Within the first 30 seconds we can see why fans adore BabyJake. The melody is instantly catchy and the lyrics are clearly written from the heart. “Head In The Clouds” is the perfect balance of emotional and deep lyrics yet paired with an upbeat guitar melody. Of the song, BabyJake says, “I’m always late. I have a hard time focusing. My mind is always somewhere else. ‘Head In The Clouds’ is about that…my daily struggles.”

Watch “Head In The Clouds” below:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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