Victoria Geis Blends Real Life and Fantasy With Her Unique and Captivating Art Style

Victoria Camila Geis was born and raised in San Pedro, CA. She is a recent CSULB graduate with a BFA in Illustration. Victoria started to make art at a young age with her father by building and painting scale models. This hobby soon grew into a loving passion of drawing and painting-wanting art to be her chosen career and path in life. Her goal is to utilize her love of cartoons and animated films as a storyboard and character design artist at an animated television studio. However, Victoria is not limiting herself to television animation. She is also considering illustrating children’s books. She is eager to go above and beyond and do “anything to make children as happy as she was as a kid through these forms of media”.

Three of her intriguing and diverse pieces are featured below.

Ebb and Flow by Victoria Geis

“This illustration was based off an obituary I read online. The deceased person was once a civil rights attorney who loved sailing and dogs. In the obituary, it was stated she would sail her boat around San Pedro. This meant a lot to me because I never knew this person was out there sailing, living her life around San Pedro and now, had passed on. It made me realize that the world is so small, but everyone is doing their own amazing things in life. Even in the waters outside your home!”

Book Illustration by Victoria Geis

“This illustration is from a children’s book I illustrated based off my experience of having long hair growing up. As a child with long hair, it gave me confidence and comfort. It made me feel free and more connected with my surrounds-how my hair blew in the wind and touched the Earth’s grass or flowing with the water as I swam. I wanted to convey the happiness I felt through my art.”

Korean Bell by Victoria Geis

“I drew this piece as part of a travel log project of San Pedro, CA. This illustration is the Korean Bell of Friendship, a popular spot where many people come to socialize and have fun. San Pedro means a lot to me as this is the place where I was born and have grown up in. I wanted to illustrate the energy and merriment people can have in San Pedro. That we can all gather to eat and play together in the sunlight.”

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