Discipline by Jordan Taylor Dubin [Poetry]

Written by Jordan Taylor Dubin

When did speaking up for yourself become such a negative?
Suddenly the discipline you “used to” have is forever thrown away
And you’re just a piece of shit human who has done something
That is forever in the air
Forever out in the open
Yet all you did was speak up for yourself
Like David trying to stop Goliath
Do or die
Like a snowball has sped down the hill
Causing an avalanche
When all you wanted to do was play catch
But they missed the ball
Just like the message you’re trying to provide for them
By being your own ally
But you can’t
Because you have been forced to stay silent
You have been trained to accept what is thrown at you
Because you are meant to be seen and not heard
Because you can’t possibly be strong enough
To use your own words
Oh no
No thanks
Absolutely not
Yet nothing works because you are now against the superior
You could never reach their status
No matter how you much you try
You have been taught
Then forced
So when is it your turn
To be the leader of your own life
Oh, you’re very good
You’re quite disciplined if I do say so myself
But you ain’t a fucking dog
Fuck discipline
Fuck them

 Jordan Taylor Dubin is an actor, theatrical mover, writer, teacher, and huge musical theatre nerd. She was born and raised in Southern California and is now living out her 13-year dream of living in New York City. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance & Theatre Performance and Psychology from Mills College. During the day she works as a theatre teacher and staff associate at a college, and at night she’s an editing manager and freelance copy editor. Jordan is thrilled to have the opportunity to be published in Rock the Pigeon.      Instagram: @arts_n_smarts   Twitter: @_arts_n_smarts_

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