“Sun Gun” by The Arthur Brothers is a Powerful Futuristic Rock Song That Really Shines

Coming off their upcoming debut album Nine, The Arthur Brothers release an impressive single “Sun Gun.”

The Arthur Brothers are a London based group that prides themselves in going above and beyond in terms of their musical creativity. They have already won awards for their music videos and have been played on radio stations all around the world.

“Sun Gun” is the latest single off their upcoming debut album Nine. “Sun Gun” starts out with a quick strum of the guitar then goes into an epic vocal display. The vocals are powerful and give us the impression of being in a giant stadium arena watching the band perform. The vocal style is similar to that of The Beatles but also sounds quite futuristic. “Sun Gun” is full of brilliant harmonies that fill the room. This song was inspired and written as a future perspective of the past. The instrumentals have an atmospheric quality that takes you on a journey.

“Sun Gun” is a song that was written to inspire hope and love. Turn it up and listen to this epic single:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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