Electro Pop Song “Howling” is The New Single by Dutchkid

London based collective Dutchkid impress the people and gain new fans with their new approach to making music.

With nearly seven million streams across multiple music platforms Dutchkid is really turning heads. Just one listen to their latest single “Howling,” and you’ll be a new fan. It’s no question why this group is blowing up.

Keeping their music style of the alternative electronic pop genre, Dutchkid delivers “Howling,” a single off their album planned to be released next year. The vocals in “Howling” start off with a subtle effect on them. There is a great display of harmonizing paired with an incredible synth melody that keeps us hooked. Dutchkid describes “Howling” as stripped back electronic and goes on to say, “the infectious vocal delivered by both lead vocalists tells the story of a night out with friends gone wrong, running from the cops and having the time of your life”.

Listen to this catchy tune below:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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