Show off your Feathers!: BAXTR releases a self-love anthem needed in 2020

Ya’ll….this song is A SELF-LOVING PARTY! Audiences won’t be able to keep themselves from dancing in one way or another to this scream of necessary empowerment. BAXTR’s single was released earlier this month; it’s a riotous fist-pumping anthem about shamelessly celebrating what makes you YOU. Feathers is inspired by the band’s own journeys with self-image, acceptance, and expression of sexuality, as well as stories they have encountered in the presentation- and perfection-obsessed society we live in. BAXTR drew on the influence of 80s bangers and 90s guitar bands, adding a pinch of British pop swagger to create their own brand of flamboyant rock/alt-pop. BAXTR says that Feathers is as much a message to them as it is to the world – to anyone who feels like they have to hide or change what makes them THEM in fear of being judged. So rock your Feathers; you are LOVED and you are perfect just the way YOU ARE!

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Written by Jordan Nickel-Dubin

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