Dione Taylor Brings Audiences A New Anthem With “How Many Times”

Dione Taylor is BACK – thank goodness she is! “How Many Times” is the first single release from her long-awaited album, “Spirits In The Water.” “How Many Times” provides the beautiful mixture of Roots, Blues, and Americana Taylor is known for bringing to her audience.  Taylor collaborated with Joel Schwartz, who produced and co-wrote much of the new album with Taylor, and will often be heard on the guitar and banjo. “How Many Times” is an anthem of dedication towards those who continue to protest peacefully for equal rights and justice for all, in a world that continues to challenge all that is good. Dione Taylor says “My faith in humanity and its ability to show equality and unconditional love towards every human being on Earth is being challenged right now. We all deserve the freedom and the right to be our best and most authentic selves.”

Written by Jordan Nickel-Dubin

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