Madeline Eckhart Launches Solo Career with Tethered

A catchy synth riff starts off Madeline’s Eckhart’s new song “Tethered.” This is the first solo release from Eckhart who is part of the notable transgender-band DreamStates. The song is synth heavy, with the high, mid, and low ranges all being occupied with electronic sounds. The song also featured a heavily distorted guitar which brings an emo-rock feel to mostly synthetic track. This arrangement of instrumentation creates a full sounding track. Madeline’s vocal sits on top with an emotional feel delivering a message from the state of heartbreak and disappointment.

Madeline Eckhart says “A song about foolishness, temporality, the end of all good things.”

“Some words are better left unsaid 
But then they start bleeding 
In my head 

I know you weren’t a goddess 
But this feels sacrilegious 
You never claimed perfection 
But I thought you were more than most when 

Our lives seemed so tethered.”


Written by Ryan Cassata

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