Watch Now: Canyon City – Like the Stars Shine (Official Video)

Canyon City releases peaceful music video and song “Like the Stars Shine.” A soft vocal delivery make the lyrics feel even more poetic…Enjoy it now:

“The first verse expresses a sort of lostness and doubt over the right next steps, but then the chorus is a revelation that some of the most magnificent things in life are effortless. It ends with the realization that the beauty can come naturally, and you can give yourself a break from all the effort and carried weight. …Both figuratively and literally, what I think the video’s creators (Aaron Holmes, Thomas Gentry & Julia Gentry) captured is the feeling of setting out on a fresh journey. The theme of the music is about re-connecting with the rhythms of the natural world and bringing what’s learned there into the rhythms of your relationships, and in this time of constant change, it’s something I’ve tried to come back to when I need some stability. Exploring these beautiful spaces was a true honor, and it further inspired me to try to do what I can to be a good neighbor to them.” – Paul Johnson, Canyon City

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