Ben Wylen Urges Listeners to Vote with New Song

“I wrote this song in response to all the terrible injustices that I continue see in the news everyday. My parents grew up in the 60’s and fought to help make this world better, but now over 50 years later, my generation is still out in the streets fighting for the same things. This song speaks to the mistreatment of people of color and our governments inability to effect meaningful reform. It talks about climate change and the fact that so many politicians continue to deny the science behind it. More so, the song speaks to the incredible resiliency of this generation of young people. We will not stop until we manifest the world that we want to see.

100% of streaming / download revenue will be donated to the @sunrisemvmt which is a youth-led movement fighting for climate justice and a federal jobs guarantee! Let’s all do our part to make this world a better place! Don’t forget to VOTE!” – Ben Wylen

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