Brett Newski’s New Hits Bring Focus in the Form of an Alternative Rock-Packed Battle Cry

Alternative folk punk-turned rock Brett Newski’s newest album Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down is a call to arms against the destructive forces we may be facing at the time. It is the perfect album for the monstrous nonsense of 2020.  Following the release of the album is his new single, What Are You Smoking. The upbeat alternative rock songthrows audiences into the repeated battle cry motif of the album. The drum-packed intro immediately brings audiences to Newski, focused in and on what story may unfold, then right into a necessary dialogue of what we are looking for as a society. Why do we follow the stupid, superfluous societal pressures? So…how do we as a nation stay hopeful and hyperaware in order to face these challenges? What Are You Smoking helps us out. Brett Newski says “Society tricks you into wanting things you don’t need. What are we smoking? We can become fully aware of stupid societal pressures that keep us on the hamster wheel. So how do we keep our priorities on track? What do we really want? And in the meantime…what are we smoking?” Find both What Are You Smoking and Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.  

Brett decided to make one VHS recording of the video to auction off with all proceeds benefiting FairVote, a non partisan organization that helps fight gerrymandering, promote fair voting, and more civil election campaigns. 
The auction can be found here:

Written by Jordan Nickel-Dubin

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