19 Year-old PRAX Releases New Emotional and Intimate Single “STRESSED”

“STRESSED” is the latest single by PRAX and it’s taking the internet by storm. This song perfectly sums up the feelings of being overwhelmed and in over your head, which especially in times like this, we all can relate to. The style of “STRESSED” can be described as alt-rock mixed with some trap elements.

PRAX is a rising star out of Australia and he’s quickly making a name for himself. “STRESSED” is the fifth single of this 19 year-old who continues to deliver and impress us with his powerful music. “STRESSED” has a meaningful message and powerful vocals to convey it. His energy and style assert dominance with this track, while the genuine lyrics put some real emotion and vulnerability into it, so much so that we can feel the emotion coming through the speakers.

“When we created ‘STRESSED’, my life felt like a living nightmare and I didn’t really know how to properly convey my emotions and distress. This song is the manifestation of all of my darkest feelings, thoughts and emotions and helped me release that tension. This year has been hell for a lot of people so i know a lot of them will be able to relate to it, which I love.” -PRAX

Listen to this moving song below:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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