Love U Brings the True Power of Rep. John Lewis to Audiences in Good Trouble

This is auditory beauty and magic at its finest. Los Angeles-based rock band with a major classic rock and R&B sound Love U proudly introduces themselves with Good Trouble. Featuring the talents of the award-winning Christopher Neil Mann and the amazing talents of James Kenney, words many have phrased have been brought together into the perfect musical dialogue in the rock-based hit. Love U brings audiences the unbelievable power and tale of civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis, who sadly passed on July 17, 2020. Not only is Lewis’ story featured, but the personal story regarding the physical loss felt. Mann says that Good Trouble was written “in the morning hours of July 27th, 2020. His funeral was being broadcast on the news. I was very moved as I watched his casket being transported to be laid in state at the Capitol Building. As I watched, I crafted some of his words into the lyrics.” Good Trouble is dedicated to John Lewis and his legacy, which only continues to be spread with this song. Find Love U’s Good Trouble on Spotify and Sound Cloud.  


Written by Jordan Nickel-Dubin

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