Anna Clendening Writes the “Love Song” for the Apocalypse

Anna Clendening, an LA – Based singer-songwriter, has written the soundtrack to one of life’s big truths – you must love yourself first. In her featured track “Love Song” she describes a love affair that has left her heart a “desolate wasteland”, a metaphor not lost in her music video directed by Joe DeSantis (co-penned alongside Sam Fisher). Clendening says, “After many attempts at failed relationships, I have finally come to realize I need to love myself first before anyone else. This EP is a reflection of the things I’ve done and the progress I have made. This is a story of growth, of evolving.” On top of being the fruits of her emotional breakthroughs, the track’s strong guitar lead will lull you into its beautiful lyrics. This emotional piece is one thoroughly suited for the Pop charts, and Atlantic has signed a true gem.

You can watch her beautiful music video to “Love Song” here:

Niko Storment

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