Kosha Dillz Shows us His Authentic Self in “Real Me”

It’s been a series of ups and downs for rapper Kosha Dillz, and he’s ready to show the world his authentic self. In “Real Me” Dillz describes, “if it made me stronger it didn’t kill me”, and tells us his story – a relatable struggle to come to terms with who he really is. This track, championing acceptance of his riddled past, is a feel-good anthem for anyone with a longing for authenticity. His album “Nobody Cares Except You” is choked full of casual wisdom in fun-rap form. This Jewish Los Angeles transplant from New Jersey is definitely someone to keep on your radar if you like wholesome rap music, and rumor has it he has a godly talent for freestyles as well.

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Written by Niko Storment

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