Joseph Dubay Give Us a New Twist On The Pop-Punk Style With His Latest Single “Mostly Dead”

“Mostly Dead” by Joseph Dubay plays on the classic angsty pop-punk style but directs that towards toxic masculinity.

“Mostly Dead” is the latest release following the success of Joseph Dubay’s last EP ‘Loserboy.’ This latest song provides a new take on traditional punk lyrics. The content is still upfront and in your face with an attitude, but the lyrics are more directed toward toxic masculinity and what it’s like dating in your 20’s. “Mostly Dead” is a upbeat and bold song with a catchy chorus you can jump around to. For those of us who grew up listening to punk rock, “Mostly Dead” will be reminiscent to what we heard in our childhood. The style and attitude is like a comforting sound we’ll always be drawn to.

Check out “Mostly Dead” by Joseph Dubay:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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