14 Year-Old Kaatii Makes a Big Impression With Her New Song “Afraid of the Dark”

As soon as “Afraid of the Dark” begins, we’re hooked by the catchy chord progression. The first few notes set the stage for the catchy melody that follows.

It is quite impressive how naturally “Afraid of the Dark” flows, coming from someone so young. The lyrics are intuitive and deep, not what one would initially expect from a teen. Kaatii uses her strong vocal power and puts meaning behind the words. The clarity in her tone and vocal delivery sounds like that of someone at least twice her age. We’re excited to see her following grow and her music evolve as she continues to create. Be sure to check out “Afraid of the Dark.”

“The inspiration for this song came form one really horrible night of sleep in a remote cabin in Colorado,” Kaatii shares. “I was in Breckinridge for a songwriting retreat and the very first night I ended up having the worst paranoia of my life, going in and out of what felt like sleep paralysis. In the morning, my co-writer, Kara Connolly, and I ended up writing this song after she was too afraid to sleep as well.”

Listen to “Afraid of the Dark” on Soundcloud below:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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